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Leverage Quality News to Analyze Quality Risk of Industry Products

LENG Jie1,2, TANG Xijin1,2, YAN Zhihua1,2, PENG Qin3   

  1. 1. Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100190;
    2. University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100049;
    3. China National Institute of Standardization, Beijing 100191
  • Received:2020-11-29 Revised:2021-08-01 Published:2022-03-16

LENG Jie, TANG Xijin, YAN Zhihua, PENG Qin. Leverage Quality News to Analyze Quality Risk of Industry Products[J]. Journal of Systems Science and Mathematical Sciences, 2021, 41(12): 3405-3421.

This paper firstly analyzes the main methods of quality risk analysis and product injury analysis in the field of market quality supervision, and then focuses on several industrial goods as the research object and creates risk word set, through the text data of people's livelihood news from China Quality News Net, discusses a method of quality risk analysis of key industrial products based on several word embedding models. By calculating the cosine similarity between specific product and each risk word vectors, the quality risk level of each product and manufacturer under different risk types is approximately obtained. The unqualified items in product quality inspection reports, which are from the State Administration for Market Regulation and the same department in each province or municipality directly under the central government over the years, are taken to validate and supplementary with the results of the experiment. Finally, according to the extent of possible injury, we further carry out quality risk assessment to provide suggestions for consumption tips and quality credit assessment.

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